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2017 NPC Midwest Championships

Open overall Winners: Body building:  Timothy Cline #251 Men’s Physique:  Joseph Larson #325 Classic Physique:  Deveon Moss #303 Women’s Physique: Edilma Vasconcelos #226 Fitness Ashley Knebel #446 Figure: Edilma Vasconcelos #226 Bikini: Ashley Blair #358

The 2018 NPC Battle at the Falls – (Sioux Falls, SD) National Qualifier (2018)

Amount of Classes 1 class $85.00 USD2 classes $170.00 USD3 classes $240.00 USD4 classes $340.00 USD5 classes $425.00 USD Athlete Check -in DATE:  4/MAY/2018 FRIDAY @ the Host Hotel Times: 5-8pm Open check-in. Which means anytime between the mentioned times but is MANDATORY. Saturday Show Schedule Saturday: 5/MAY/2018 Prejudging is at 10am. Finals is at 6pm! […]