Liquid Sun Rayz is our official tanner for all our events. Liquid Sun Rayz is the only tanner allowed backstage for color and touch ups for the competitors. They are the ‘spray tanner of the stars’ and many top pros.

April 16th – Stl Pro & Midwest Championships

Pros, CLICK HERE – https://liquidsunrayz.com/products/copy-of-2022-1st-phorm-april-11-st-louis-mo-1st-phorm-st-louis-pro-npc-midwest-championship-st-louis-mo-april-16-pro

Amateurs, CLICK HERE-https://liquidsunrayz.com/products/2022-1st-phorm-april-11-st-louis-mo-1st-phorm-st-louis-pro-npc-midwest-championship-st-loui-mo-april-16 

April 23rd – Iowa State Championships

Amateurs, CLICK HERE – https://liquidsunrayz.com/products/2022-npc-iowa-state-championships-npc-hawkeye-classic-demoines-iowa-april-23 

May 21st – Battle at The Falls 

Amateurs, CLICK HERE – https://liquidsunrayz.com/products/2022-the-npc-battle-of-the-falls-may-21-sioux-falls-sd   

June 11th – Omaha Pro / Duel of Champions

Pros, CLICK HERE – https://liquidsunrayz.com/products/2022-omaha-pro-npc-dual-of-champions-nebraska-june-11-nebraska-pro

Amateurs, CLICK HERE – https://liquidsunrayz.com/products/2022-omaha-pro-npc-dual-of-champions-nebraska-june-11-nebraska

August 13th – Midwest Naturals

Amateurs, CLICK HERE – https://liquidsunrayz.com/products/2022-npc-midwest-naturals-august-13-arnold-mo

Sept 17th – All South Muscle Championships 

Amateurs, CLICK HERE – https://liquidsunrayz.com/products/2022-npc-all-south-muscle-championship-sept-17-little-rock-ak

Oct 8th – Nebraska State Championships –

Amateurs, CLICK HERE – https://liquidsunrayz.com/products/2022-nebraska-state-oct-1-omaha-nebraska

Oct 15th  – The Pink Power & South Dakota State Championships 

Amateurs, CLICK HERE – https://liquidsunrayz.com/products/2022-npc-ann-titone-pink-power-championships-the-south-dakota-state-championships-oct-15

Nov 12th –  The Battle of Champions  –  

Amateurs, CLICK HERE – https://liquidsunrayz.com/products/2022-npc-battle-of-champions-nov-12-des-moines-iowa


Pro Perfect is a PROFESSIONAL service. They offer hair and makeup services to have you looking your best on stage! They are the ONLY makeup service allowed at the VENUE. Please book your service in advance.


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